Vendeee is a marketplace/saas model connecting Operators, and Route Drivers. Combining both models would yield a benefit to both parties. The marketplace would allow operators and route drivers to connect and the software would allow for ease of use. An operator can place all of their route information and get a list of drivers in a geographical area that can service their route. The operator can hire drivers for their route with features like (texting, facetime, route scheduling, driver tracking, etc) will be available for use.

We’re Looking for Operators and Drivers


The Vendeee System

The Vendeee System matches drivers with operator routes. The ultimate way to expand your business.

11Vendeee Online Software


Operators increase your vending operation using the Vendeee System. Click here to apply.



Vendeee is looking for drivers to take over vending routes. Must have a valid driver’s license, pass a background check. 

New technology and social distancing have spawned a revolution in vending machine utilization

How the pandemic has revolutionized vending machines

The pandemic has rocketed vending machines into new territory. Light-years beyond dispensers of Funyuns and Snickers, vending machines, robotic kiosks, and other grab-and-go technology now broadly called “unattended retail” are putting artisanal pizza, hot bowls of ramen, and prime cuts of beef into the hands of consumers 24/7.

Vending has exploded in the last three years giving vendors the opportunity to expand their business. The Vendeee System makes expanding your business easy and affordable.

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