Welcome to the Vendeee System

This website supports Operators of Vending Routes.
Provides drivers to Operators with Vending routes in New Jersey
Automated software for Operators to run their business

What are the requirements for a Vendeee Driver?

Be 18 years of age
Must have access to a smartphone
Have a car and valid driver’s license with insurance
Must have a valid social security number or business EIN
See Drivers Qualifications Click Here

Where is Vendeee available?

The current areas are New Jersey. Please inquire about what cities are available.

What kinds of jobs available on Vendeee?

Vending Machine Route Driver Jobs

How do I apply for a Vendeee driver job?

Please go to www.vendeee.com/drivers and fill out the driver’s form.

Is there a background check?

Yes, all drivers must submit to a background check?

How do drivers get paid?

All payments to drivers are made through the Vendeee website via Venmo or Paypal.  You can choose whether you want to be paid directly into a bank account or debit card when onboard. Drivers are paid once a job is completed and generally receive payment 1-5 business days after a job is completed. However, in some cases payment can take longer. 

What if I can no longer take on a job?

Drivers are required to give Vendeee 12 hours notice if you would not be able to start a route or reschedule with the vending operator.

Are Vendeee drivers Independent Contractors or Employees?

Vendeee drivers are independent contractors that will receive 1099-k at the end of the year.