About Vendeee


Vendeee System

Mission Statement

VENDEEE System is an online platform connecting owners/operators to subcontractors in the following fields: Vending Machines, Bread Routes, Chip Routes, Beverage Routes, Bakery Routes, and Fedex Routes. Allowing small businesses to access the emerging demand for “Gig economy” employment opportunities to drive growth and improve productivity.

VENDEEE Drivers are well equipped to handle a variety of “on the ground” commerce services for locally based, independent operators across the US. “Operators” select from a range of services, within our user-friendly online platform.

Users have the ability to access the platform, define their service capabilities, and be matched locally, with available job assignments. Users earn money through the completion of assignments. Through a review-based system, users can access more opportunities and incentives.

VENDEEE is a tool to help small business owners drive growth and remain adaptive in today’s tech-savvy economy. So join the VENDEE movement.